About Us

A Passion for Light 

We work in partnership with architects, designers, landscape architects, engineers, and contractors to offer products that bring their vision to light.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary capabilities, the Lumenpulse Quebec Agency team will accompany you every step of the way throughout your lighting project to ensure its success. 

Whether it is for your architectural, commercial, or public lighting needs, our expertise will be an asset for each of your projects. 

As a Quebec lighting agency, we are proud to represent a multitude of partner manufacturers, as well as Lumenpulse Group brands, in order to generate a complete product offering for each of your projects. 

With offices in Montreal and Quebec City, the agency is able to offer complete and integrated lighting solutions throughout Quebec.


Founded in Quebec City in 1976 under the name Luxtec, the agency was first managed by the Lacasse brothers before passing into the hands of François-Xavier Souvay in 1999. The Lumenpulse company was then created in 2006, but it was not until 2016 that Luxtec finally took the name of the Agence Lumenpulse Quebec.

Agence Lumenpulse Quebec has a passion for light. A passion that has driven us for more than 40 years and translates into a desire to offer more and more to its customers.