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Project details

  • Project type: Hotels and restaurants

  • Location: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

  • Client: Ivanhoe Cambridge

  • Lighting Design: Groupe Ombrages

  • Architect: Benoit Gauthier

  • Photographer: Jonathan Robert

  • Summary

    A large food court uses Lumenalpha Downlight Multi 2 to provide an even, general lighting with generous spacing between luminaires while also saving money in installation and maintenance.

Place Ste-Foy Food Court

The general lighting of large public spaces, when done properly, creates a welcoming and safe experience. Although general lighting is known for its utilitarian employment it can make or break the amount of attention and time the public spends in a space. Ombrages has created a warm, intriguing lighting design for the newly renovated Place Ste-Foy Food Court using Lumenalpha and Lumenpulse luminaires that keeps people coming back.

The interior of each ceiling section houses a number of evenly spaced Lumenalpha Downlight Multi 2 luminaires. The Lumenalpha Downlight Multi 2 is the main luminaire of the food court’s lighting design. It is a twin gimbal downlight that is fully adjustable and offers a range of outputs. The 3500K temperature used here mimics soft, natural light. The 40° beam angle used for this project creates an outstanding uniformity with generous spacing between luminaires. The Lumenalpha Downlight Multi 2 also lowers maintenance costs. A lumen maintenance of 225,000 hours (L70 at 40°C) means costly bulb replacement and general maintenance can be avoided for a long, long time.

The Lumenalpha luminaires are designed to allow for easy access to the power supply for service and connection. The user-friendly “fast fix” mechanism makes for a faster installation time and simplifies any maintenance that may be needed in the future.

In the lounge areas surrounding parts of the food court, both track-mounted Lumenalpha Spot Smalls and SPL Lumenalpha Spot Small luminaires, which have been ceiling mounted, add directed light to the relaxing couch and table areas.

The thoroughness of Ste-Foy Food Court’s general lighting is a perfect example of the cost savings and flexibility that Lumenalpha luminaires provide.